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The Wesleyan Church

The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, Protestant denomination. We offer the good news that faith in Jesus Christ makes possible a wonderful personal relationship with god, a holy life empowered by his spirit for witness service, assurance of eternal life in heaven. Our name is in honor of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, whose emphasis on a life of faith, self-discipline, and perfect love is our example. Each week, more than 300,000 meet in over 4,000 churches and missions in 72 nations.

Our Beliefs

Wesleyans believe in one God, who is Father,Son, and Hold Spirit, and the Savior of all men and women who put their faith in Him alone for eternal life. We believe that those who receive new life in Christ are called to be holy in character and conduct and can only live this way by being filled with the lords spirit. We believe in the Bible and seek to establish our faith and actions on its teachings. We believe that Gods will is for people everywhere to know him and that the purpose of the Church is to tell the worlds about Christ through its worship, witness and loving deeds.

Meet Our Pastor

staffI was born and raised in Hopewell Virginia. In 1972, I married my high school sweet heart, Rosemary Nichols. We have been married for 41 years and have two grown children. I was employed by Hercules Inc. for sixteen years before receiving the call into ministry. At that point in my life, full time college was not an option; however, I was able to receive my education through the Wesleyan Church Course of Study Program. I was ordained in the Wesleyan Church in 1991. I began to pastor the Oak Grove Wesleyan Church in Montpelier Virginia in 1985 and as of May 2014, I will be celebrating my 29th year here. My desire is to see all men and women, boys and girls discover the love of Jesus and have their lives transformed by god into something beautiful. This transformation happened in my life when I was just a teenager. Just as the chorus says, The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows; the more that I love him, the more love He bestows: Each day is like Heaven, my heart over flows; the longer I server him, the sweeter he grows. The Christian experience is not just a cliche. Its a relationship in which we grow and find joy and peace by allowing Jesus as the focal point of our lives. This is the experience that I encourage all under my ministry to have and enjoy.

Pastor Barry L. Ashbrook

Phone: 804-883-6718

We Love Our Church!

Worship Times

-10:00 AM Sunday School
-11:00 AM Morning Worship

-7:30 PM Prayer Meeting at the Parsonage

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